Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday and I decided to make malasadas tonight. The last time I made these was in 2000 before hubby and I married. A lot of Portuguese bakeries here in NorCal only make these on special days and today is one of them. I come home for lunch everyday so I decided to make the dough today when I home. I used a recipe that my mother had written on a piece of paper. Next time I make these, I may make some with filling like they do at Leonard's on Oahu.
The dough after rising:

The balls of dough in the fryer (above)

Finished product - dipped in cinnamon sugar

These are addicting. Thank goodness I don't make these often!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Rainy Valentine's Weekend

It has been rainy here all weekend. We really need the rain here in NorCal so it is a welcome sight.

Hubby and I have had a quiet weekend. Yesterday he gave me candy in the morning and then he was off to soccer practice. Then for dinner he cooked pasta (gluten free so I could eat it). We went out to dinner on Friday night because we knew that the restaurants would be packed yesterday.

I have the day off tomorrow for President's Day so I am feeling fairly relaxed today. I am trying to catch up on family history reports and miscellaneous projects around the house.

My oldest sister went on a Church retreat this weekend. Each participant received a bucket of flowers. Our house smells like a florist!