Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day Weekend 2008

We had Friday off from work so I am finishing up my three day holiday weekend. It was basically a quiet weekend. On the 4th we went with hubby's parents and cousins to the Central Vally area to see his father's side of the family. They live in the country and are almond farmers. My hubby's cousin J2 invited us because her parents (Tia and Tio) used to have holiday parties and bbqs years ago and with them getting older, J2 thought it would be fun to do again. Tia DeeDee reminds me so much of my mom - a bit thicker accent than my mom had, though . She showed me her sewing room - she used to make wedding dresses for some of the affluent families of the Valley. We drove home by sunset, just in time to see the fireworks shows in our area. I look forward to our next visit to our 'country' cousins!


The Farmer Files said...

Loved this story, gave me the warm and fuzzies about getting together with the fam...I am bookmarking this blog, too. :)

Sweet Caroline said...

Thanks! Now I just need to keep up with