Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from SoCal

Hubby and I returned yesterday from our long weekend in the San Diego area for the Seahawks vs. Chargers pre-season game.

We stayed with our good friend, Dana, in Oceanside. Also staying at Casa Dana were our friends, Rich from Colorado and Andy from Edmonton, Canada.

The rest of Saturday was spent unpacking and resting at Dana's while we figured out what to do for the rest of the day. Andy was able to get on our flight as he was here in our area on business and was able to fit the Seahawks game into his schedule. Rich was flying into San Diego from Denver and he was arriving a bit after us.

On Sunday, Andy wanted to swim in the Pacific Ocean. For the past couple of years, Dana has been telling me about the fish tacos at the Brigantine restaurants in the and beach San Diego area. So, we were going to go there for lunch and then to the harbor in Oceanside.

After lunch, we headed to the beach. The "boys' headed to the sand and Dana and I visited the shops. The shops probably took us 10 minutes to visit so she and I ended up at Rockin' Baja Lobster for We did have to stop there anyway so we could make dinner reservations for later in the evening. She and I then headed to the beach to meet up with the guys. Andy was able to swim in the ocean and enjoy the SoCal weather.

We went to dinner at Rockin' Baja Lobster and Dana's boyfriend, Tony, met us there. After drinking more margaritas and just enjoying each other's company.

Monday was game day! The game started at 5:00 but we arrived at parking lot section J3 of Qualcomm around 1:00pm to start the tailgating. We met Seahawks fans from all over Southern California, Las Vegas and Washington.

Here is a picture of Dana (#8) and I before the game:

We headed in to the game and hiked up to our seats. We were second row from the top. Since we have great seats for our home games, our away game seats are usually 'nosebleeds'. The game was a tribute to the military. At half time, a few troops were introduced. They were injured in the Middle East. I was just about in tears. Also, during the game, they showed video messages on the jumbotron of Chargers fans stationed overseas with messages to their family and their team.

Well, the Seahawks lost to the Chargers but it was a fun time - just to hang out with my peeps!!

I went back to work today - that was hard, but knowing that we have a three day weekend made it better!


The Farmer Files said...

OOOhhh if you are ever back in SD the Brig. owns a chain called Miguel's...the best one is in Coronado!!! MMMMM.

Sweet Caroline said...

Thanks for the tip! We fly down to San Diego and then over to Arizona in late December for a Seahawks game. Maybe we can go then!