Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last Saturday, we drove about 1hour northwest of here to the city of Rohnert Park, to go to a golf/wedding reception for friends of ours.  Also joining us was our friend, Dana, from Oceanside, who stayed with us last night as she flew in for this quick trip, and Mike, a Seahawks friend of ours from the San Jose area.

The bride and groom actually got married on 09-09-09 in a private ceremony in a cemetery (my kind of place! lol).  They are both avid golfers and wanted to combine golf and a party to celebrate their wedding.  They are also huge Seahawks fans. :)

The day started around 2pm.  We arrived and waited for our tee time at 3pm.  They have about 10 groups of 4 signed up for 9 holes of golf.  Since I do not know how to golf, I was the golf cart driver.  I was Dana's  Hubby and Mike were in the other cart.  So, our foursome was really a threesome, with one player getting to shoot twice.  It was a Scramble/Best Ball format.

We brought a change of clothes for the wedding reception and enjoyed the rest of our night.

Dana and my hubby - waiting for our tee time

Dana and I waiting - I was the designated driver

My hubby, Mike, and Dana

An appropriate wedding favor!

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The Farmer Files said...

Makes me think how differently I may have done my traditional wedding. Hee hee.