Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jet Lagged

...and I am not sure how I can be since I stayed in the same time zone all weekend!  This past weekend was my last planned trip up to Seattle for football for the regular season. 

Here are some photos of our season of football fun so far:

Me on the left with 2 of my closest friends!

Mr. Seahawk, PaintedHawk, Kiltman

View of the field from our seats - Sea Gals about to perform pre-game


The Farmer Files said...

You are such HUGE FANS. How did you become a Seahawks fan?

Sweet Caroline said...

It's all my husband's fault! I became a fan by marriage in 2000. He became a fan in the late 70's - being born and raised here in Northern CA, his family was a soccer family so they did not have an allegiance to either the Raiders or the Niners. The new teams back then were the Seahawks and the Buccaneers, and he liked the colors and the logo of the Seahawks better!

I grew up watching more baseball but knowing about the various football teams - no allegiance here either. So, when I met hubby, I saw that the Seahawks were his team.

We started going up to Seattle together and we met so many nice fans that have now become some of our best friends! Now I cannot even imagine cheering for another team...lol.

Wow...sorry for the long answer!